Barnabas Relief Education And Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Driven by Christian compassion BREAD AUSTRALIA creates opportunity for Australians to invest in the lives of affected communities around the world.

BREAD AUSTRALIA is a Christian Relief and Development agency, initiated by Barnabas Fund Australia as their Relief and Development Arm to respond to humanitarian and development needs.

BREAD AUSTRALIA stands for Barnabas Relief, Education and Development.

BREAD AUSTRALIA projects are designed and managed by our local implementing partners. BREAD AUSTRALIA contributes to the project by providing financial and in-kind resources and experience in implementing the projects. The local partner organizations work with the needy communities to meet their needs.

BREAD AUSTRALIA projects are selected on the basis of need alone, to focus on the most marginalised communities by supporting tangible interventions to alleviate suffering for those we serve.

BREAD AUSTRALIA is involved in the design and implementation of projects. Regular assessments and evaluations monitor progress andassit in achieving project goals.